CardinalStone Trustees offers a range of Estate Planning products and services designed to assist you in preserving your legacy. Our products and services are confidential, stress-free.

Living Trust Services

This is a kind of Trust that is created during a person’s lifetime. Here the creator of the Trust transfers his legal rights in an asset to an appointed Trustee for management. This process allows the easy transfer of assets without going through the process of probate. 

Vulnerable Trust

This is a unique type of trust that is designed for the protection and welfare administration of person(s) living with disability or vulnerability. The goal of the Trust is to enhance the life of a beneficiary with Special Needs.

Testamentary Trust

This is a trust created under a valid Will. ​A Testamentary Trust comes into effect after the demise of the Testator and the Will has been probated.  Testamentary trusts are set up to hold assets and are overseen by a nominated trustee, who eventually distribute the trust's assets to beneficiaries.

Will Services

A will is a legal document which ensures the administration of the entirety of a person’s asset upon their demise.

A will is simply outlining the wishes of a person pertaining to the disposition of their assets. Without a will, these wishes may not be carried out. 

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