We are CardinalStone Trustees, our sole business is trusteeship, as we play a key role and act as intermediary in financial and non-financial transactions. We are charged with protecting the interests of Lenders and Investors, keeping custody of assets, documents, rights, shares, funds, and other holdings in financial transactions.

What We Do

We provide best-in-class services to our wide array of clients with our areas of specialization as Trustees in but not limited to the following:

Private Trust

We proffer private trust advice to clients on strategies for effective estate planning. Estate Planning includes drawing up...

Corporate Trust

We act as Trustees to Corporate Bond Issues/Private Note Issuances, Debenture Trusts under Consortium Finance/Syndicated...

Public Trust

As Trustees, we represent the interests of Bondholders/Unitholders in transactions such as: FGN-backed Bonds and State Bond Issues...

Board and Management

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